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Episode 10 – William Breathes

For a very special 10th episode, we welcome marijuana critic William Breathes to the studio. We cover what can be a plate, game night, Playboy stashes, crapping your pants on a chair lift, and an A-Z list of conditions medical marijuana can help. Check Will out at Westword.com and look for his “Ask A Stoner” […]

Episode 7 – Brad Galli

Smoke ’em if you got ’em, Episode 7 listeners! Zac and the Jakes welcome Brad Galli (comedian) to the studio and cover guilty music pleasures, the quarter life crisis, the continental breakfast at Holiday Inn, the “don’t tell him” doctrine, how to spell “bradical”, and escaping Todd Glass. This episode is brought to you by the Highland […]

narcoleptic dog

Episode 2 – Burglarized Houses

Episode 2 is up! Zac, Chris, Mike, Jackie Bank, and Jake talk about 4th of July nudity, lying on job applications, narcoleptic dogs, Daisy diarrhea, bad accents, “Fuck you!” postcards, how women are like burglarized houses, gateway legislation, and spaghetti sex. You do NOT want to miss this one. This episode is brought to you by the Highland Tavern. […]