Episode 39 – Brendon Walsh, Ian Douglas Terry, Zach Peterson, Roger Norquist

3491520High Plains part 2 features Brendon Walsh (“The Half Hour”, co-host of “The Bone Zone“) handling a blacked out Zac with aplomb, but first we talk to Ian Douglas Terry (OK Party, “… and out comes the ghost horse“), Zach Peterson (OK Party, “Arguments and Grievances” Chicago), and Roger Norquist (co-host “Werewolf Radar“) while Zac drinks half a bottle of crown. That will help explain everything.

Podcasts include The Nerdist Podcast, Uhh Yeah Dude, Don’t Ever Change, Tom Green Radio, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, The Unicorn, and News Whore.

Check out AdamAndEve.com, 1-800-Flowers, and the Highland Tavern.

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One comment

  1. Jo Peterson · · Reply

    Henry Fonda is from Omaha! Saddle Creek Records! Warren Buffett! And, the very talented and brilliant Zach Peterson’s MOM!! (Love you honey… and Hi Ian!!)

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