High Plains Comedy Festival: Podcast Guide

HPCF-logo_small_newWe’re a podcast about podcasts. Probably THE podcast about podcasts. Being so, we’d be remiss if we didn’t offer you a primer on the High Plains Comedy Festival and some of the amazing talent descending on Denver. Listening to someone’s YouTube clips is like visiting their MySpace page. You’re better than that. Listening to a podcast where they spend three hours chumming it up with their comedy buddies? That’s where the real nutmeat lies.

Below you’ll see a list of headliners for the various showcases, other roustabouts that will be featuring, and a little background on the two podcasts that’ll be doing live shows. (Hint: it’s not us!)


My Dining Room Table

Hosted by: Adam Cayton-Holland

In 140 characters or less: Adam invites people to sit around his dining room table and talk, as he usually houses comedic refugees.

Fest Guests:  #1 Ben Roy, #2 Sean Patton, #4 Andrew Orvedahl, #9 Mara Wiles, #12 Bryan Cook

The Narrators

Hosted by: Andrew Orvedahl and Robert Rutherford

In 140 characters or less: A monthly storytelling show where comedians, actors, musicians, writers, etc share true stories from their lives centered on a monthly theme.

Fest Guests: #1 Adam Cayton-Holland, Amber Tozer, Timmi Lasley, #2 Ben Roy, #5 Bevin O’Brien, Kristin Rand, #6 Chris Charpentier, #7 Mara Wiles, #13 Pt 2 Chris Charpentier, #15 Pt 2 Taylor Gonda, #17 Pt 2 Amber Tozer, #18 Chris Charpentier, #19 Jodee Champion, #23 Jordan Doll

These Things Matter

Hosted by: Kevin O’Brien and Taylor Gonda

In 140 characters or less: Winner of the Westword #WebAward for best pod, they talk pop culture autobiographically.

Fest Guests: #8 Weezer with Adam Cayton-Holland#11 The Road with Sam Tallent#20 Super Mario with Jordan Doll#21 SNL with Mara Wiles#27 Slasher Movies with Nate Balding#30 Legos with Andrew Orvedahl#31 Pro Wrestling with Nathan Lund#40 Outkast with Sean Patton#46 Patrick Swayze with Ian Douglas Terry#48 The Wire with Ben Roy#49 The Simpsons with Kevin White#52 TGIF with Brett Hiker#53 Seinfeld with Chris Charpentier#56 Ska with Bryan Cook#59 with Jim Hickox#61 Modest Mouse with Bobby Crane#62 Star Trek with Timmi Lasley#63 Michael Jackson with Christie Buchele#67 Arrested Development with Jordan Doll


Reggie Watts

Reggie is a regular on Comedy Bang Bang (the podcast) and the band for Comedy Bang Bang (the IFC program), so that’s not confusing at all. He’s also responsible for some of the best theme songs in the podcasting canon. His episode of the Nerdist podcast with Bill Burr remains one of the top rated episodes the show has released.

Notable appearances: Comedy Bang Bang #230, Nerdist #122, The Champs Podcast.

Kurt Braunohler

Kurt recently released his own podcast on the Nerdist network called “The K Ohle” (pronounced K-hole) where he either talks with guests about boating, pets, or he kidnaps them and drops them off in a place they’ve never been. Festival participants who have been boated/petted/abducted include Kyle Kinane and Matt Braunger.

Notable appearances: You Made It Weird #51, This American Life #457, Risk!

Howard Kremer

Howard, AKA Dragon Boy Suede, has one of the longest running shows on the Earwolf network. “Who Charted?“, with co-host Kulap Vilaysack, talks about the hit songs and films of the week with guest comedians. Festival participants who have charted themselves include Brendon Walsh, Matt Braunger, Kyle Kinane, and Reggie Watts.

Notable appearances: Smodcast #83, Steven Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship, You Made It Weird #81

Sean Patton

We’re big fans of this guy, mainly because he did our podcast last time he was in Denver. Which was mere weeks ago. You’re mad at yourself for missing him the first time around, so make sure to catch him at High Plains. Sean hails from New Orleans, where FEMA still owes him money for demolition work he did after hurricane Katrina. True story. For more true stories, listen to him on the podcasts below!

Notable appearances: The Long Shot Podcast #606, You Made It Weird #88, Whiskey and Cigarettes #35

Brendon Walsh

One of our favorite shows from the All Things Comedy network is “The Bone Zone“, hosted by Brendon Walsh, Randy Liedtke and Davey Johnson.  Sometimes they’ll have a guest on, play entertaining covers of pop songs, or make a prank call to a Best Buy. Festival participants who have been boned include Howard Kremer and Sean Patton.

Notable appearances: The Duncan Trussell Family Hour #11, Team Coco Podcast #105 (with Ben Roy!), Comedy Bang Bang #212

Kyle Kinane

Kyle is the reigning champion of Drunk History on Comedy Central, a regular performer at Comedy Works (and the Deer Pile if you’re lucky), and has an album called Whiskey Icarus. Needless to say, we’re supporters of all things Kinane. Catch him at 3 Kings on Friday or the Gothic on Saturday. Or don’t and just continue to be wrong about most things.

Notable appearances: Nerdist #357, Terrified #1, You Made It Weird #30

Matt Braunger

Fresh off the release of “Matt Braunger: Shovel Fighter“, Matt comes to Denver with a full head of steam. His podcast “Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger” on the Nerdist network is one of their hottest new shows they’ve added, and he doesn’t even need to book guests. Nope, he just talks to himself for roughly 15 minutes every week. It’s great.

Notable appearances: You Made It Weird #112, Nerdist #230Comedy Bang Bang #88


Cameron Esposito

Host of: Wham Bam Pow, Put Your Hands Together (Fest Guests: iTunes, so no episode specific links, but most of the fest has been on this show)

Notable appearances: Kickin’ It Mary Lynn Style #29, Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

Bryan Cook

Host of: Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction (Fest Guests: #5#10, #20 Kyle Kinane, #6 Kurt Braunohler & Matt Braunger, #8 Matt Braunger, #11 Amber Tozer, #13 Sean Patton, #17 David Gborie)

Notable appearances: Delicious Mediocrity #55, Kickin’ It Mary Lynn Style #27

Andy Wood

Host of: Probably Science

Notable appearances:  Doug Loves Movies, Jordan, Jesse, Go! #252

Jake Weisman

Former host of: The Morning After (Fest Guests: #13 Matt Braunger, #34 Sean Patton, #44 Kyle Kinane, #57 Beth stelling)

Notable appearances: The Dork Forest #52This Better Be Funny #13

Andy Peters

Current host of: Wandertown Former host of: The Rough House Podcast

Notable appearances: Sklarbro Country #59, Delicious Mediocrity #30

David Gborie

Former host of: Black Astronauts

Notable appearances: Frotcast #160, Under the Golden Gate

Beth Stelling

Notable appearances: Team Coco Podcast #72, You Made It Weird #134

Matt Knudsen

Notable appearances: The Dork Forest #46, This Better Be Funny #7

Amber Tozer

Notable appearances: The Mental Illness Happy Hour #124Dream Tweet vs Brody Stevens

Kate Berlant

Notable appearances: Hang Out with Me #47, Best Friends However

Noah Gardenswartz

Notable appearances: The Hollings Worthless Podcast, Global Jewish Comedy

Stephanie Hasz

Notable appearances: This Week in Despair #26, You, Me, Them, Everybody!

Ian Douglas Terry and Zac Peterson

Former hosts: Mid-Best Podcast

Shameless Plug

In from out of town? Here are local performers we’ve had as guests: #16 Jim Hickox, #21 Roger Norquist, #22 Adam Cayton-Holland, #23 Chris Charpentier, #25 Elliot Woolsey, #30 Nate Balding and Jordan Doll, #33 Aaron Urist and Matt Monroe, #35 Sean Patton


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