Episode 11 – Stef Martinez

kidStef Martinez (comedian) joined us in studio for one of our favorite eps yet. Topics include kids on diets, Polish jokes, Vanderplugs, getting a handy during the Chronicles of Riddick, what we’re O.C.D. about, theme songs, and punching blacked-out people. Check out our sponsors: AdamAndEve.com, Plus Sized Lingerie, and the Highland Tavern.

 Or download the podcast and listen later. (Right click -> Save Link As)

This week’s rundown:

Comedy Bang Bang #200 – Jason Mantzoukas and Andy Daly – 8:55 Movie HJ’s

Smodcast #240 – Why, Bry? – 17:48 – Strip clubs

Mohr Stories #132 – Kurt Sutter – 27:10 O.C.D.

Totally Laime #159 – Joe Wengert – 39:20 Kid diets

Sex Nerd Sandra 79 – Monica Moon and Ivan Van Norman – 51:53 Your old room at your parents house.

Wits #12 – Fred Willard and Dan Wilson – 1:01:37 Lightning round

The Dana Gould Hour – Eddie Pepitone and John Ennis – 1:09:08 Radio: The Movie

Jonah Raydio #17 – Marc Maron – 1:12:30 Marc and Pete talk

Deathsquad Secret Show #7 – Bobby Lee, Jimmy Shubert, Brody Stevens, Sandy Danto, Tony Hinchcliffe, Sarah Tiana, Jayson Thibault, Brian Redban – 1:25:22 Public pooping

Cashing in with T.J. Miller #49 1:30:26 Triple banger lightning round

Nerdist #319 – T.J. Miller – 1:39:50 Music? What’s that?

You Made It Weird #125 – Iliza Shlesinger – 1:47:00 Dreams!



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