Episode 9 – Rick DeSimone

20130202_230947Yes, we did! Rick DiSimone dropped by the studio to talk about water slide disasters, shame corners, shotgunning beers, dead Gene Kelly, lying about your 2 for $20 meal, poisoned elephant keepers, and SO much more. Catch Rick’s team at the Funny Final Four at Comedy Works February 14th.  This episode is brought to you by AdamAndEve.com and the Highland Tavern.

 Or download the podcast and listen later. (Right click -> Save Link As)

This week’s rundown:

You Made it Weird #120 – Adam Pally – 3:14 Cosmos and wearing a shirt in the pool.

Walking the Room #140 – Brian Posehn – 10:28 Body shame, 13:06 Peanut butter jars.

The Too Much Funcast! #25 – Elliot Woosley – 19:43 Gyro eating contest

Penn’s Sunday School #50 – 24:10 Vomit Comet, 27:23 Penn’s Spider

Wits #14 – Paul F. Tompkins and Aimee Mann – 33:38 Lightning round!

Comedy Bang Bang 197 – Tim Heidecker, Paul Rust, Jon Daly – 38:11 Would you rather?

Cashing in with T.J. Miller – 45:51 Beekeepers, 49:19 Werewolf or vampire?, 52:04 Mice

Bill Cosby Bukowski Intro – 58:17

Jelloem of the week – 1:00:54

The Champs – Kumail Nanjiani – 1:09:37 First funny

Totally Laime #156 – Best of – 1:20:14 First blowjobs

Totally Laime #157 – Tricia McAlpin – 1:35:08 Work masturbation

Sklarbro Country 131 – Eugene Mirman and Jesse Thorn – 1:39:24 Wild dogs, 1:42:08 Diving shows

Deep Shit with Baron Vaughn – Victor Varnado – 1:47:08 Text etiquette

Will and Bobby Know Everything #56 – 1:54:43 Baby Facebook profiles

The Indoor Kids 81 – Jordan Morris – 2:01:59 Homemade presents

Friend Rick up on Facebook, and show up for the Funny Final Four!


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