Episode 8 – Jon Wilkins

Whiskey and Cigarettes - Housekeeper PeeperComing to you from the bottom of a well, it’s episode 8! Technical difficulties didn’t stop Zac and the Jakes from having a great time with Jon Wilkins (comedian) and Katie Gervais (Zac’s girlfriend). Topics included surprise gay estate sales, monks on acid, housekeeper peepers, Jewish tattoos, horse steaks, teaching exchange students racist jokes, bad Morgan Freeman impressions, and “Maas Sauce”. This episode is brought to you by the Highland Tavern.

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This week’s rundown:

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn – Jeff Bridges, Bernie Glassman, H. Jon Benjamin and Mike Weibe – 5:38 The Dude and Zen, 11:45 Interviewing obstetricians

Tell ‘Em Steve Dave #136 – 19:04 Tattoo orientation

Nerdist #311 – Doug Benson – 22:57 Boob tattoo

FEaB #16 29:22 Exotic animals you’ve eaten

Cashing in with T.J. Miller #45 – 39:13 Ear, nose, and throat doctor, 43:14 Bird on your shoulder, 51:15 Things to say when sex ends, 57:30 extended birthday celebrations

Doug Loves Movies – Ngiao Bealum, Rory Scovel, Keith Lowell Jensen – 1:02:05 Build a title, 1:06:58 Leonard Maltin game

Comedy Bang Bang #195 – Billy Eichner, Reggie Watts – 1:12:00 Would you rather?

WTF #354 – John Hodgman1:22:57 Hipsterism, 1:35:40 First R-Rated movie

By the way, in conversation with Jeff Garlin #2 – Lena Dunham – 1:43:39 Awards season

Sklarbro Country #130 – Eric Andre, Chris Cox – 1:49:55 Performing high

Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #97 – Mac Danzig – 1:54:15 Starbucks and caffeine addiction

WTF #355 – Timothy Ferriss1:57:03 Holding your breath

Check out a great podcast we lost due to technical difficulties: The Too Much Funcast #24 – Brad Galli

Follow Jon on Twitter (@FunniCuzItsTru) on Twitter, and visit http://www.funnicuzitstru.com.


The Go! Team – The Power Is On

Jay-Z – Public Service Announcement

Electric Guest – The Bait


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  1. […] was asked to be on a podcast, Whiskey and Cigarettes, and did not realize that it is where some ugly truthes come out. Not realy ugly, just a session […]

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