Episode 5 – Surge!

Happy New Year! For episode 5, Zac and Jake bring back fan favorite Chris Jeffries (musician), Joaquin Harless (musician, Arise the Lie) and returning champion Jake Becker (comedian), and they cover New Years resolutions, masturbation marathons, spite mentors, disappointing our fathers, diarrhainbows, assaulting grandmas, rhyming prostitutes, ninja turtle love, snatch yaking, and the ‘ol smile and nod. This episode is brought to you by the Highland Tavern.

 Or download the podcast  and listen later. (Right click -> Save Link As)

Download the Turqouise Album by Chris Jeffries. “Like” Arise the Lie on Facebook.

Featured episodes: You Made It Weird 114 – Aziz Ansari, WTF 349 – Michael Keaton, The Joe Rogan Experience 306 – Christopher Ryan, Brian Redban, Professor Blastoff 85, , Cashing in with T.J. Miller 42, The Comedy Buffet 100 – Andy Juett


k-os – Crabbuckit

Moby – Honey


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